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Benefits of capsaicin!

Benefits of capsaicin!

Veress Máté - HillVital
2022. 06. 20. 09:13:00

As a molecular compound found in spicy peppers, capsaicin has no dietary content, such as calories or additional nutrients. It’s found in every part of the pepper except for the seed, although the highest concentration of capsaicin is found in the inner wall where the seeds attach.

Let's look at the benefits!

1. Decreases Incidence of Cluster Headaches

Using capsaicin is a common pain relief technique, which we discuss in more detail below. Different from migraine or tension headaches, these recurring, specific headaches are described by most as the worst pain they have ever experienced, with some women even comparing it to the pain of childbirth. While they’re rare, cluster headaches are debilitating and can last for six to 12 weeks. There are many lifestyle and dietary options that are useful in treating them, including the application of capsaicin cream to the inside of a nostril on the side of your head suffering the headache.

2. Relieves Pain

Capsaicin is a commonly known pain-relief agent. The reasons for this are widely unknown, although scientists are uncovering more about the mechanisms it uses to provide relief. Especially in cream form, it’s been used for many years to treat pain related to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as certain kinds of joint pain.

3. Treats Psoriasis

In addition to treating pain, capsaicin has been long known for its ability to treat various skin conditions, including the dry, itchy skin of psoriasis.

4. Helps in Weight-Loss Efforts

If you’re trying to lose weight, you should probably consider eating capsaicin-rich foods, such as chili peppers. Research has found that eating these spicy foods may lower body weight, speed metabolism, help burn fat and suppress appetite.

Benefits of capsaicin!


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